Poland-UK agreement brings business opportunities in transport hub: Minister

The memorandum of understanding signed in Warsaw between Poland and the UK “will bring a framework for co-operation on the new airport, and already a number of British companies are involved or interested in being involved” Marcin Horała, the Government Plenipotentiary for the Solidarity Transport Hub project told PolandIN.

The signing of the memorandum by Mr Horała and British Ambassador John Knott in Warsaw on Wednesday followed a workshop of British designers in September last year, which produced “a series of visualisations of the new airport,” Mr Horała said.

The transport hub is planned to commence construction in 2023. Mr Horała says there are even arguments for bringing the project forward because of the COVID-19 situation rather than putting it back.

“Big infrastructure can be of aid for recovery in an economy,” the government’s representative on the project told PolandIN.

As Berlin prepares for the opening of its Brandenburg airport, which has been plagued with delays for the past decade, Mr Horała said that the Polish planners had been able to learn from their German counterparts’ mistakes. ‘It is a green field site, while the German plan had to be built around existing infrastructure. We also have one company responsible for managing the project.” he said.

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