Immunoglobulin-based medicine research about to start in Lublin

Research on an innovative drug for COVID-19 containing immunoglobulin IGG will be conducted in the eastern city of Lublin. The medicine produced will be based on plasma from people who have recovered from the disease.

The project was co-financed by the Medical Research Agency.

Immunoglobulin (IGG), the antibodies used in the treatment of patients suffering from SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection, will be produced by the Polish company Biomed Lublin Wytwórnia Surowic i Szczepionek.

The medicine will be based on plasma from people who have been infected with coronavirus and have recovered. For the needs of this project, plasma will be collected from about 230 people, which is expected to be sufficient for around 3,000 doses.

Biomed Lublin announced in a press release that three months after receiving the plasma, the drug will be ready for testing. Due to pharmaceutical law regulations, before a medicine is authorised, it must undergo clinical tests confirming its effectiveness and security.

The company stated that the medicine can be safely stored for several months and used when an increased infection rate occurs, which provides potential for preparing enough doses in case of, e.g. a second wave of the epidemic.

Biomed Lublin is a Polish pharmaceutical company operating since 1944. It specialises in the production of medicinal preparations such as prescription drugs and laboratory reagents.