Diocese of Płock donates funds to combat COVID-19 in Peru

The diocese of Płock, central Poland, donated USD 9,000 to a Catholic mission in Pebas, north-east Peru, to help combat the coronavirus epidemic in the region.

In its announcement, the diocese highlighted the difficult epidemic situation in South America. While the number of infections is growing, the continent is struggling with a lack of medical personnel, medication, protective clothing and equipment.

One of the districts that has been hard hit by COVID-19 is Pebas in north-east Peru, where the Catholic mission under the leadership of father Paweł Sprusiński is located. .

Father Sprusiński reported that there were only 13 doctors and 18 nurses in the district hospital. In mid May, 300 people were hospitalised, but the number has been growing daily. The hospital needs medication, which is up to three times more expensive than in Poland, face masks, and other protective equipment. .

The diocese of Płock donated USD 9,000 for the purchase of protective gear for medical personnel, laser thermometers, and medication.