Detention of presidential candidate Paweł Tanajno legal: court

On Sunday, the spokesperson of the Warsaw Police announced that according to a Warsaw court ruling, Saturday’s detention of presidential candidate Paweł Tanajno was “legal, reasonable, and correct.”

Presidential candidate detained by police during protest

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Paweł Tanajno, who organised a protest against coronavirus-related business restrictions, was detained on Saturday by the police for allegedly assaulting a police officer.

“A court hearing of the Warsaw District Court (...) concerning the complaint of Paweł Tanajno for this detention was held today. The court ruled that [the detention] was legal, reasonable, and correct,” said Sylwester Marczak, the spokesperson of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters. He also reiterated that the presidential candidate was detained in relation to assaulting a police officer.

On Saturday, a group under the leadership of Paweł Tanajno gathered in the centre of Warsaw to protest against the business lockdown restrictions imposed by the government to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections.