More COVID-19 related restrictions lifted, city councils open

As of Monday, it is possible to settle issues pertaining to city councils, social insurance (ZUS) offices, job and tax offices in person, whilst respecting health security procedures.

The permissible number of people remaining in one office or council room depends on the number of service desks. One person per service desk is allowed in a room. The Interior Ministry encourages customers to continue using online forms of interaction with councils and offices. It is also advisable to plan the visit beforehand and register online.

Disability day-care centres open

Another facet of the ease-up is the opening of day-care centres for people with disabilities, elders’ clubs and retirement homes.

“We know that spending time at home is very difficult for people with disabilities and that they are looking forward to returning to the places of their activities,” said Deputy Family, Labour and Social Policy Minister Paweł Wdówik, adding that this was now a possibility but not an obligation.

The official stressed that the final decision was contingent upon the epidemiological situation and that it would be taken by the provincial governors. He also added that ensuring the safety of charges and employees was a priority.

In line with the epidemiological regulations, certain practices need to be observed in day-care centres and other facilities. These are primarily the promotion of hygiene and ensuring access to hygienic products, sanitisers, protective gloves, masks and visors.

More schooling restrictions eased

As of Monday, pupils of primary school years 1-3 are allowed to attend tutorial and educational classes. Individual or small-group consultative classes for final exam subjects for final year primary and secondary school pupils are also allowed.

A similar development affects universities where it is now possible to organise classes for final year students. Moreover, classes which cannot be carried out online can now take place in person.

There are also specific regulations concerning parents accompanying their children to schools. Parents may accompany their children only to the common spaces of a school or to a specially outlined area. Only one parent may accompany one child, moving at a two-metre distance from another parent accompanying a child. All hygiene safety measures must be strictly observed.

The Education Ministry stressed that only healthy pupils displaying no symptoms of infectious diseases accompanied by healthy parents may be brought to schools. If a quarantined or isolated person remains at the same house as another pupil, the child cannot be brought to school. Schools are also to acquire permission for taking the temperature of pupils’ parents or carers, in the event of distressing symptoms appearing. If such symptoms manifest, a pupil must be isolated in a separate room, with at least two-metre distance from other people maintained. The pupil’s parents or carers must be informed immediately so that they may pick up the pupil.