Public opinion split over how fast to defrost economy: research

More than one-third of those polled say that the pace of restoring the economy post- lockdown is acceptable, whilst nearly 33 percent believe it is being done too slowly.

More COVID-19 related restrictions lifted, city councils open

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The online poll included 800 internet users over the age of 18. Of those surveyed, 35 percent said that the economy was being defrosted at an appropriate pace, 32.4, claimed the authorities are acting too slow, 18.3 percent of them said that action is being taken too quickly, and 14.3 percent had no clear opinion.

“The pace of restoration of the economic system is more commonly rated as appropriate by women than by men. Around 40 percent of those polled aged between 35 and 49 considered the current tempo as fine. A slightly higher percentage of citizens of cities between 200,000 and 490,000 inhabitants shared the same opinion,” Wiktoria Maruszczak, a Senior Project Manager at SW Research commented for

The lockdown in Poland began in March after the first cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus were confirmed. The government decided to close restaurants, cinemas, gyms, hairdressers, shopping malls, and many other public facilities. The borders have also been closed, which struck the tourism sector.

Currently, Poland is “defrosting” the economy. Shopping malls, restaurants, hairdresser salons, hotels, and other facilities were reopened, however, under a strict sanitary regime.

As of Sunday afternoon, a total of 21,326 cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus were confirmed in Poland, including 996 fatalities.