Hiking artists collect money to aid Poles in Moldova’s Transnistria

Polish artists decided to hit the mountain trail to collect money for their compatriots in Moldova’s Transnistria.

The Humana Mundi Foundation’s “Culture on the Trails” charitable campaign gathered artists and mountain lovers who, joining their forces and uniting in the love for the steep slopes and the great outdoors, want to help Poles in the cities of Tiraspol, Rașcov and Svoboda Rașcov.

Not only food is needed but cleaning products as well, mostly for children, especially now during the pandemic.

The aid is to reach Poles in Moldova through payments made to the account of the Humana Mundi Foundation.

By drawing the attention of other hikers, artists want to make their charitable drive known and increase the awareness of Poles living in Moldova’s Transnistria.