Warsaw zoo’s furry residents will not bear trespassers anymore

The incident form last Thursday made the authorities of the Warsaw zoo move bears from the enclosure to the more protected area.

“To ensure the safety of our seniors, she-bears Sabina and Mała, we have decided to move them to the part of the zoo covered with constant protection and safer for them, just like we did last autumn with the bear Tatra, born in 1981 in enclosure at Solidarności alley,” Andrzej Kruszewicz of the Warsaw Zoo was quoted as saying in a statement.

On May 21, a drunk man got into the area of the enclosure. He fell into the moat and tried to drown the bear. Then he tried to escape and was finally rescued by the firefighters.

He was detained by the police. The test showed that his alcohol level was 1.5 tenth of percent. The culprit was taken to hospital for examination which showed that he suffered only light abrasions.

The man was charged with abusing an animal and invading the enclosure. He willingly subjected to the penalty of two years of social works and PLN 5,000 donation to the animal protection fund.

This is not the first instance of intruders disturbing the bears of Warsaw Zoo and trespassing on their enclosure. In 2015, two men violated the privacy of bears and attacked them. They quickly regretted doing so, because one of them was hurt after the animal protected itself.

The enclosure of the bears near Warsaw zoo is one of the iconic spots of the city’s Praga district, located on the right bank of the Vistula river. Entire families gathered there to watch sleeping or playing bears. It is not located in the zoo proper, but in the adjoining Praski Park, vis-a-vis another symbol of Praga, the St. Florian’s Cathedral.

Because the brown bears are not an endangered species in Europe, the authorities of the zoo decided that after the three she-bears die, the enclosure will be closed down and the area will be handed over to the city.