Russia’s distortion of WWII origins gained no traction in Europe: historian

Without facing up to its past conduct as occupier of Eastern Europe, not just as victor over Nazi Germany, Russia will be an outcast on the international scene, said Doctor Łukasz Adamski, Deputy Director of the Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding, and a contributor to the Polish History Museum’s recent historical conference on the very subject, “The Burden of Victory”.

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“Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”, said Winston Churchill. In the latest series of conversations with historians on the subject of WWII, the question was what does Russia want.

Dr Adamski pointed out that Russia wants acceptance as a great power, and a seat at the top table of other wartime great powers, as it has an almost quasi-religious idea of its role in the war and has shaped its historical policy accordingly.

However, Russia’s re-working of the origins of the war, namely that Poland was co-responsible for establishing the causes that led to her own destruction, have gained no traction in European debate.

Poland, Ukraine, and the Baltics are engaged in a seemingly endless war over memory and attempts to shape their past.

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