Parliament to adjust COVID-19 stimulus package

The fourth version of the governmental stimulus package for companies struck by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic crisis will be among the issues dealt with by MPs during the sitting of Sejm, the lower house of the parliament, which begins on Wednesday.

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The governmental draft includes subsidies of around PLN 560 mln (EUR 156 mln) for the interest on loans given to companies struck by the crisis caused by the pandemic.

The new legislation also includes a simplification of public procurements, aid packages for the local authorities, protection from hostile takeovers by the entities external from the EU, and easier access to “credit holidays”.

Also scheduled for discussion by the lower house is the creation of a committee to investigate the sexual abuse of minors. This body will include seven members – three nominated by Sejm, one by Senate (the upper house) and three nominated by the President, Prime Minister, and Children Ombudsman respectively.

Among other topics to be raised is the vote of no-confidence for Jacek Sasin, the deputy PM and State Assets Minister. It is unlikely to pass because the ruling majority will not vote against its own minister.