Pole Position takes on crime and punishment

See latest “Pole Position” on crime and punishment. Is Poland having its #MeToo moment over sex abuse of minors? Could the Polish church be facing the same kind of crisis as those in Ireland and the United States? And will Polish courts be better equipped to deal with punishing the perpetrators after change at the top in the Supreme Court?

Ombudsman to investigate minors sexual abuse cases

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Sexual abuse of minors scandal

Two documentary films have had millions of viewings on TV and the net. Both are about the sexual abuse of minors. One looked at the abuse of children in the Catholic Church and how the church hierarchy had failed to deal with the problem. The other at how a prominent night club became the centre of sleaze involving abuse of young teenage girls leading to one committing suicide. In that case celebrities who frequented the popular haunt were called out for having supported the night club’s existence even when full details of what was going on there emerged. A public debate on sex abuse of minors and how it was tolerated in high circles has been unleashed. The church is promising to take the matter seriously. Celebrities on the other hand are denying knowledge and threatening litigation for slander.

President appoints new Chief Justice of Supreme Court

Polish President Andrzej Duda has appointed Małgorzata Manowska as the new Chief Justice of Poland’s Supreme Court (SN), President’s spokesman...

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Chief Justice of Supreme Court in place at last

After weeks of long deliberations, the Supreme Court finally submitted a short-list of five candidates which enabled the President to choose the new chief justice. Małgorzata Manowska was his choice, though not the choice of most of the judges on the Supreme Court. She faces an uphill task in restoring some semblance of unity in the court which is facing cases in the European Court of justice for Polish regulations breaching European law. Poland’s Supreme Court is not a constitutional court like its American namesake, however, it is the court of ultimate appeal. It also is the court that validates national election results and which has recently had a disciplinary chamber established to bring judges to account for their misdemeanours. That has caused controversy as some have accused the government of attempting to muzzle the judiciary.