Expert: Transport hub = Poland making strategic choice

Poland IN interviewed Dr Jacek Bartosiak, the former CEO of the Solidarity Transport Hub project and geopolitical specialist. He argues that the project’s completion is part of a strategic choice the country faces over whether to accept a Franco-German European ‘empire’ or to strike out for a North-south agenda of its own with the Americans.

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The Solidarity Transport Hub is a large-scale investment project involving the creation of a major international airport and road and rail interchange close to Warsaw and Łódz. It has become an issue in the presidential election campaign, with the Civic Platform (PO) candidate Rafał Trzaskowski arguing for the project to be delayed and reviewed.

According to Dr Bartosiak, the project is justified in terms of increasing mobility and strategic flows in the region of Central Europe. He argues that Poland is like a body which has outgrown the clothes it had 30 years ago.

He does not believe that the defence needs of increasing the ability to deploy forces and equipment quickly by NATO are a consideration. But he acknowledges that it would enhance NATO’s ability to react quickly to events in the region.

Jacek Bartosiak believes that the project is not welcome by some in the EU, as it could be in conflict with the attempts to build Europe around the German-Franco axis. He feels that the hub would give Poland the means to strike out on a North-South axis with America, rather than the EU, as the primary ally.

The geopolitical strategist argues that the primary political divisions about the project in Poland are much less about the costs or timing, and much more about the strategic choice the country faces, between America and playing a leading role in the Central European region, or becoming a partner in a Franco-German led “European empire”.