Expert: Polarisation leads to revitalisation

Poland In interviewed political scientist Wawrzyniec Konarski from The Vistula University on the way the pandemic has affected Polish political life. He believes that the renewal of polarisation in the election campaign is a source of revitalisation for both opposition and government.

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Prof. Konarski saw the interplay between the specialists and the politicians as one of the most interesting aspects of how the pandemic has impacted on political life. The public has been far more ready to listen to both specialists and the government in the first phase of the pandemic.

According to the academic, the government has been keen to use specialists to back up its success story narrative. However, the public, after initially being gripped by fear, has become tired with the “stay at home” message.

The professor feels that polarisation in the tribal atmosphere of Polish politics is inevitable. He believes that the entry of a new opposition candidate, in the person of Rafał Trzaskowski from the Civic Platform (PO), has revitalised the fortunes of the opposition and the ruling party. But he feels that the presence of the independent candidate, Szymon Hołownia, also creates a fresh dynamic in Polish politics.