Famous Malczewski-painting lost during WW2 returned

A painting by one of Poland’s most famous painters, Jacek Malczewski, lost during World War II, has been returned to the National Museum in Warsaw.

Jacek Malczewski's painting “By the Piano” from 1877 disappeared from the National Museum shortly after the fall of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. The fate of the work remained unknown until November 2019. According to a museum representative the canvas is now under the care of conservators and will soon be housed in the museum's collection again.

The Minister of Culture, Piotr Gliński, took to Twitter to announce the good news, writing "this is the work of so many people and the good system we created that is recovering more things."

Museum representatives state that the painting has been returned thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, employees of the museum and the current owner of the work.