Mother and son murdered for saving Jews commemorated

Zofia Krasuska and her six-year-old son Bogusław, who were killed by the Germans after they helped Jews were commemorated in Tworki, central Poland, where a plaque devoted to their deeds was unveiled, at the behest of the Pilecki Institute.

The ceremony was held, in the presence of the family of the deceased, as a part of the Pilecki Institute project "Called by Name".

The crime took place on February 13, 1943, when the Germans found the hiding Jews on the Krasuski family farm. Six men of Jewish origin were murdered, along with Zofia and Bogusław. Her husband, Leon Krasuski, managed to escape.

During the ceremony, Deputy Minister of Culture and National Heritage Magdalena Gawin stressed the extraordinary dedication of the Krasuski family.

Wojciech Kozłowski, the director of the Pilecki Institute highlighted the exceptional cruelty of the crime committed against the Krasuski family. He pointed out that this was the first such story of a person who had died from a German bullet in early childhood and been commemorated.

“The German occupation was filled with fear, which could manifest in, among others, murdering with particular cruelty. The atrocity commemorated today is an element of the whole system created in order to help the Jewish population”, he said.

"In this context, the courage of the Krasuski family is great and worthy of the highest admiration", Mr Kozłowski added.

The "Called by Name" project is primarily devoted to persons of Polish nationality who were murdered for providing help to Jews during the German occupation in WWII. Those tragedies are also the basis for studying the system of German terror in occupied Poland.

To date, the Pilecki Institute has preserved the memory of 32 people, who paid the highest price for their acts of solidarity and assistance to Jews.