Polish national air carrier initiates over hundred holiday connections

Poland's LOT national airline will launch 130 connections to the 36 most popular European holiday resorts from 10 domestic airports as part of the summer connection network, the company announced.

Polish national railway operator enables international travel

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The airline announced the summer route network under the slogan #LOTnaWakacje (LOT for holidays). The passengers will be able to travel to a total of 36 holiday destinations in July and August.

From July 3, the airline will launch flights to Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Italy, North Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, and Spain as well as to Greek islands of Santorini, Kos, Corfu and Crete.

The company also said that the holiday schedule is expanding the current flight schedule of domestic connections as well as medium and long-haul international flights.

The full range of holiday flights is available from June 24 in all booking systems, including LOT.com, where current information on safety rules and service available on LOT aircraft are included.