Trade between Poland, US up 50 pct: President

During a meeting with representatives of American business in Poland, organised at the Presidential Palace after returning from Washington, President Duda announced that "American companies have the green light for the best conditions for investing and developing in our country, all that is needed to ensure very well-functioning and developing economic cooperation."

The president pointed out that in recent years, this has already been proven successful, because trade turnover between Poland and the US increased by 50 percent.

According to President Duda, this progress "manifests itself in various ways.”

"Of course, we are buying, for example, liquefied gas from the United States today, but there are also, recently announced, great investments from American companies in Poland, which I welcome and am happy about” he said. The president also pointed out that Poland has "well-prepared staff when it comes to the latest technologies".

US investors mark their presence

The US entrepreneurs are the second biggest investors in Poland, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) announced on Thursday, reporting that US investment represents about 26 percent of all projects PAIH has serviced since 2016.

PAIH acting President Grażyna Ciurzyńska said in a press release issued on Thursday that Americans are among the key investors serviced by the agency.

Ms Ciurzyńska added that many foreign investors, including those from the US, see the potential of the Polish IT sector and above all, the high class of specialists.

A sign of the trust that IT sector leaders have in Poland and Polish specialists is the new Google investment, PAIH said.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, PAIH currently assists in the decision process of over 30 investors from the US, and the combined value of the investments it services grew from over PLN 6 bn (EUR 1.34 bn) in 2016 to almost PLN 13 bn (EUR 2.9 bn) in 2019.