I will be your candidate of change: Warsaw Mayor

Rafał Trzaskowski, the Mayor of Warsaw, who came second in the first round of the elections, according to the exit poll results, said that he will be the “candidate of change.”

“I wanted to thank my family. I wanted to thank Małgorzata Kidawa-Błońska, the Senate and local governments in Poland, which showed their character,” Mr Trzaskowski said.

“I walked through the streets of Warsaw today, going to vote. I know that many of you wanted a win in the first round. This result shows that over 58 percent of our society wants change. I want to say to all of them: I will be your candidate of change,” he stressed.

“The elections on July 12 will not be a choice between Mr Duda and Mr Trzaskowski. They will be a choice between an open Poland and a Poland that looks for an enemy. They will be a choice between those who respect women's rights and those who do not. I respect all of you, I want to talk with all of you. I am convinced that we all want the same thing,” The Mayor of Warsaw said.

The exit poll results prepared by the IPSOS institute show that President Andrzej Duda got the highest number of votes (41.8 percent). He is followed by the Civic Platform candidate Rafał Trzaskowski with 30.4 percent.

The next three candidates in the ranking are: an independent candidate and a journalist Szymon Hołownia who gained 13.3 percent and Krzysztof Bosak, representing the right-wing Confederation with 7.4 percent. Turnout reached 62.9 percent.

Second round of the elections will take place on July, 12.