Video games and IT services drive trade with USA: expert

"The uptick in Polish-US exports in the last four years has been spurred by sales of IT services and video games," the Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland Tony Housh tells PolandIN.

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Aside from gas deals and military spending, Mr Housh, whose association with Poland stretches back 20 years, pinpoints two stellar performers behind Poland's trade surplus with the US lie in its burgeoning business services sector, its game development industry.

IT business services despite the COVID-19 crisis, is going to increase employment by 3-7 percent in 2020 to above 350,000 according to ABSL's 2019 report published earlier this month. The games sales of hits like Polish giant CD Projekt's Witcher series, and the long-expected Cyberpunk 2077, due out in November, have lifted Poland's image among gamers and investors alike.

"We are also seeing exports of mining equipment, precision manufacturing equipment, and welding goods," the Amcham Chairman added.

In terms of FDI, Google and Microsoft have announced plans to invest a total of USD 3 bn in Poland, over a timescale of 5-7 years.

Microsoft has rolled out access to its Teams service and training for 6 months to many large Polish companies and governmental institutions, which would otherwise have struggled to arrange home working facilities for employees during COVID. This is part of its investment package, Mark Loughran, the General Manager at Microsoft Poland told PolandIN in May, as well as plans for investment in a data centre .

Meanwhile Google announced it would invest USD 2 bn in its planned data centres.

"I am sure we will see significant employment numbers as these projects ramp up in 2021-22, ” Tony Housh said, when asked what the benefit will be for Poland.