Poland's exports to fall in 2020 by 9.5 pct y/y: forecast

Exports from Poland will decrease in 2020 by 9.5 percent year on year, according to forecasts prepared by economists from the Polish Chamber of Commerce (KIG).

Poland’s GDP will fall by 4 pct in 2020: Dep Fin Min

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“In 2020, we can expect a decrease in our export sales from EUR 230.3 bn in 2019 to EUR 208.4 bn (by 9.5 percent). The regress, although very severe, may, however, be clearly smaller than estimated two months ago (a decrease to EUR 189.0 bn, by 18 percent.) In 2021, exports amounting to EUR 224.6 bn may be 8.2 percent higher than in 2020,” the KIG predicts.

The Chamber estimates that exports in May 2020 amounted to EUR 14.3 bn. Therefore, it increased by 3.7 percent in relation to the values recorded in April, and by 27 percent in comparison with the same period of the previous year.