III degree storm alert for east and south, possible tornadoes

On Monday afternoon the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management (IMGW) issued a third degree warning regarding hailstorms for the provinces of: Małopolska, Podkarpackie, Lubelskie, Świętokrzyskie and several southern points of Mazovia. The heavy wind may cause tornadoes at those locations.

According to this alert, storms with rainfall of 50 mm to 60 mm and wind gusts up to 120 km/h are expected. Hail may fall in places, the possibility of a whirlwind is not excluded.

IMGW published a second degree alert against heavy rain and thunderstorms for the Silesian and Podlasie provinces, the rest of Mazovia and the eastern poviats of the province of Warmińsko-Mazurskie.

The provinces of Opolskie, Łódzkie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie and the rest of the province Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship also issued a first degree warning against rain and storms. IMGW in this area forecasts moderate and heavy rainfall. The amount of precipitation may reach 30 mm with storms winds of up to 70 km / h.

There is 80 percent probability of the alert levels occurring.

Hailstorms in Podkarpackie

This was a rough weekend for the southern Podkarpackie province hit by a torrential downpour and rainstorms that saw over 11,000 firefighters on duty answering nearly 2,000 emergency calls.

The first units rushed into action on Friday when the first heavy rain swept through Podkarpackie province. Water broke into houses and farm outbuildings, inundated roads, schools and Voluntary Fire Service (OSP) outposts, also making wells overflow. When the water receded, a great deal of damage was revealed.

“We have evacuated a total of 155 citizens. These were some really tough evacuation conditions with strong water currents but we managed regardless,” Assistant Commissioner of the State Fire Service (PSP) Andrzej Babiec told the Polish Press Agency, adding that “no one was hurt although material losses couldn’t have been avoided.”

Commissioner Babiec also reported that nearly 2,000 emergency calls were received by the Fire Service and that firefighters were in action at 29 localities in more than seven districts. He said that over 1,000 professional firefighters of the PSP and over 10,500 OSP counterparts took part in the operation.

"It is a very high number" – the Commissioner noted and added, there were firemen from all over the region, not only the neighbouring sites.

Firemen from Podkarpacie were supported by their colleagues from Małopolskie, Świętokrzyskie and Mazowieckie – thanks to a decision made by the Chief of the General Fireman Department.

The commander of the Podkarpackie firefighters also reported that currently intensive actions are still taking place in the following counties: Jasielski, Krosno, Przeworsk, Łańcut and Przemyśl. These are - he said - typically cleaning activities, such as: pumping water from buildings, helping residents clean the bypass, clearing road culverts.

On Friday afternoon over half of the province Podkarpackie experienced heavy downpours. The most difficult situation was in the Rzeszów, Łańcut, Przeworsk and Przemyśl poviats. About 400 people were evacuated. Water flooded roads, houses, outbuildings, schools, TSO watchtowers and wells.

In turn, the next day, storms hit, among others Brzozowski and Jasielski poviats.

Flooding alert in Dolnośląskie

Bogusława Przybyłowicz from the press office of the Poviat Eldership in Kłodzko informed the Polish Press Agency on Monday that an alert was issued for the entire Kłodzko Valley due to constant rainfall and alarm levels being exceeded.

"The exceeded levels relate to three rivers in the poviats: Nysa Kłodzka, Biała Lądecka and Bystrzyca Dusznicka. There was slight flooding of the areas in Międzylesie on Nysa Kłodzka and in Krosnowice on Biała Lądecka. For the time being they are not yet dangerous" - said Przybyłowicz.

States of alert are recorded in the Kłodzko Valley in eight places. The largest threat was recorded in Biała Lądecka in Krosnowice with the water level rising by 160 cm; on Nysa Kłodzka in Międzylesie - about 60 cm, and in Bystrzyca Kłodzka - about 80 cm.

IMGW issued a warning and forecast for rainfall throughout the day and at night.

Flooding alerts in the Vistula counties of the Płock poviat

In connection with the further rise of the Vistula, a flood alarm was announced on Monday in seven counties of the Płock poviat. In Wyszogród and Kępa Polska, the river exceeded alert levels - according to data from the district office in Płock.

The head of the defence and crisis management office of the Poviat District Office in Płock Piotr Jakubowski announced that the decision to issue a flood alarm made on Monday concerns the municipalities of Wyszogród, Gąbin, Mała Wieś, Bodzanów, Słupno, Słubice and Nowy Duninów, where since the rise of the Vistula, a state of emergency has been in force.

On Monday morning, the level of the Vistula in Wyszogród was 555 cm, which means its 5 cm above the alert state, and in Kępa Polska 507 cm, which is 7 cm above the alert state; in the afternoon the river level increased in Wyszogród to 558 cm, and in Kępa Polska to 515 cm.