Polish-Czech border in Silesia to be fully reopened on Tuesday

The Polish-Czech border in Silesia province, southern Poland, will be fully reopened from Tuesday, June 30, and travellers will no longer be required to submit a current coronavirus report, the Czech Health Ministry said on Monday.

Earlier, people travelling to the Czech Republic from Silesia had to provide negative coronavirus tests, not older than four days, or, if positive, they were put under quarantine.

The Czech services demanded, from those crossing the border, evidence that they had not stayed in Silesia province and were only passing through in transit. These restrictions and border controls will expire on Tuesday.

The Czech Republic restored normal border traffic and lifted border controls on internal borders of the Schengen zone in mid-June but this decision had not applied to all areas. Poland's Silesia was recognised as an area with a high epidemic threat and was not covered by the June 15 decision.