Warsaw Rising Race to be organised virtually due to coronavirus

As a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Warsaw Rising Race will take place this year virtually. The 2020 edition is scheduled for the last weekend of July, City Hall stated on Monday.

The purpose of the event is to honour the Warsaw insurgents and their heroic fight to liberate the capital city in 1944. The organisers are the city of Warsaw and "Stołeczne Centrum Sportu. Active Warsaw".

The start and finish line will depend on the participants.

"One can determine an interesting route, hitting the historical points in Warsaw. It can have the shape of the symbol of Fighting Poland, which is a popular <>. It can be a distance of 5 or 10 kilometres, modelled on traditional sports struggles from the Rising Race, the marathon relay following in the footsteps of insurgent fights, or a distance of 1,944 metres on the treadmill. Any historical references are welcome", said Karol Adamaszek from the Capital Sports Centre.

The most interesting reports from participation in the virtual race will be awarded by the organisers.

The Race of the Warsaw Rising is part of the Warsaw Triad Race, alongside the Race of Independence and the Constitution Run held on November 11 and May 3 respectively every year.

The Warsaw Rising was the largest armed action of the underground in German-occupied Europe. On August 1, 1944, about 50,000 people joined the battle in the capital. The battle, planned to last several days, lasted over two months. As many as 18,000 insurgents died in the fighting, while 25,000 were injured. Losses among civilians were enormous and amounted to approx. 180,000 killed. The remaining residents of Warsaw, about 500,000, were expelled from the city, which after the Rising was almost completely burnt and demolished.