Incumbent President wins first round of elections: full results

The incumbent President Andrzej Duda received 43.5 percent of votes, while Rafał Trzaskowski, the Mayor of Warsaw – 30.46 percent in the first round of the presidential elections in Poland. The State Electoral Commission (PKW) announced the full results of the vote.

Analysis: President Duda in poll position for second round

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The third place was for independent candidate Szymon Hołownia, who received 13.87 percent of votes, while Krzysztof Bosak representing right-wing Confederation – 6.78 percent.

Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, the leader of the Polish People’s Party (PSL) was chosen by 2.36 percent of voters, and Robert Biedroń of the Left – 2.22 percent.

Other candidates did not exceed 0.5 percent of support: Stanisław Żółtek received 0.23 percent of votes, Marek Jakubiak - 0.17 percent, Paweł Tanajno - 0.14 percent, Waldemar Witkowski - 0.14 percent and Mirosław Piotrowski - 0.11 percent.

The turnout in the first round was 64.51 percent.

The run-off of the presidential elections will take place on July 12.