Eastern Poland counts losses after heavy storms

Heavy storms that tore through Poland on Monday damaged more than 100 buildings, about 1,300 were flooded, Grzegorz Świszcz, the deputy head of the Governmental Security Centre announced on Tuesday morning.

The storms and torrential rainfall were most intense in Mazowieckie, Lubelskie and Podkarpackie provinces - central and south-eastern Poland.

“The results of the storms – a total of 78 residential buildings, 49 outbuildings were damaged, 1,314 were flooded . A total of 241 roads were also flooded. At one point, 14,262 recipients were deprived of electricity, currently – 4,100,” Mr Świszcz tweeted just before 7am CEST.

According to the main HQ of the Fire Department, a total of 2,694 incidents associated with the storms were recorded. The highest number occurred in Mazowieckie province (907), followed by Podkarpackie (370) and Lubelskie (267).