4th National and Ethnic Minorities Music Festival to take place online

The influence of Jewish culture on contemporary jazz and world music will be devoted to the Fourth Festival of the Music of the National and Ethnic Minorities of the Republic of Poland. The event will be broadcast online on 2-3 July from the National Culture Centre and POLIN Museum.

On the National Centre of Culture (NCK) website we read that the festival "focuses on presenting the full spectrum of the various musical traditions of the national and ethnic minorities of the former and contemporary Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth". "We travelled through the world of the sounds of Tatar, Armenian, Lemko or Kashubian music, source music and various traditions and aesthetics to explore the universal codes and meanings of European music," their website explains.

It was stated that the 4th edition, which is "a summary of the leads we researched, takes up the threads of centuries of Jewish tradition and its influence on contemporary genres of jazz music."

"This year's edition is devoted to the influence of Jewish culture on contemporary music, jazz and world music. The traditions of the interpenetration of both cultures have a unique, centuries-old history. One of the pillars of the Festival is to show that musicians presenting different genres can create unity, that music connects people from different cultures "- said the artistic director of the festival Milo Kurtis.

The festival program includes clarinetist David Krakauer with the band Bester Quartet, Karolina Cicha & Spółka (with the program from the Ydiszland album), KROKE and MILO Ensemble with the participation of Wojciech Waglewski and Tomasz Kukurba.

The concert will be retransmitted online through the National Centre for Culture and the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

"David Krakauer will perform remotely from New York (he will record audiovisual parts of his clarinet, specially prepared for our concert, and will send them in the form of video materials, which will be played during a joint concert with Bester Quartet, who will play their own live parties) "- submitted by the National Centre for Culture and National Heritage.

The festival is organised by the National Culture Centre and MILO Art Cultural Education Foundation. The Third Wave Creative Association is responsible for production, support is provided by: STOART, ZAiKS, and Radio WNET.

The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

You can read more at:

Official NCK website: https://nck.pl/projekty-kulturalne/aktualnosci/festiwal-muzyki-mniejszosci-narodowych-i-etnicznych-2020

Official POLIN website: https://www.polin.pl/pl/iv-festiwal-muzyki-mniejszosci