37 pct of Poles would use Covid-19 vaccine: report

37 percent of Poles would agree to use the COVID-19 vaccine if it was available; 28 percent say ‘no’; 34 pct have no opinion - according to a study's results published on Tuesday.

The survey was conducted by ARC Rynek i Opinia using the CAWI method on the ePanel.pl panel from 2 to 9 June 2020 on a sample of 1066 people, representative in terms of gender, age, education, region of residence and size of the town.

The results of the study were published on the website of the Medical University of Warsaw, which - as stated - cooperated on the project with the University of Warsaw.

Opponents of a vaccination against coronavirus said that the reason behind their position was fear of a vaccine introduced so quickly (43%) as well as a lack of confidence in the institutions that work on the vaccine (39%).

A high percentage of people - 35 percent - believe that the vaccine would not protect them from falling ill.