Poland's largest bank launches car-buying app

Poland's state-owned PKO BP bank launched the “Automarket” app for purchasing brand new and used vehicles, integrated with the bank's electronic channels, the company announced.

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PKO BP said that the cars available on its new electronic platform come from both the bank's resources as well as from car dealers cooperating with the group's companies for many years.

“PKO Leasing plans to gradually expand partnerships with dealers to offer customers the widest range of vehicles in one place,” the bank declared in the press release.

The platform offers several car financing options including long-term rental, leasing or loans.

“PKO BP consequently conducts its strategy, announced six months ago, to become a banking platform. We want our customers to deal with their every-day matters safely and without a necessity to leave homes,” Zbigniew Jagiełło, the CEO of the bank was quoted as saying.

“The launched platform Automarket is another step towards it. Thanks to the access to modern technologies, we were able to create the first tool in Poland, which moves online the whole process of purchasing of both new and second-hand cars,” he added.