Over 200 schools receive EU-co funded online classes equipment

236 schools and educational centres in Mazowieckie province will receive computer equipment that will allow classes to take place online.

The Marshal of Mazowieckie province Adam Struzik highlighted the indispensability of new technologies in the teaching process, especially during the pandemic.

“Remote teaching has become a real challenge,” said Mr Struzik, adding that PLN 35 mln (EUR 7.83 mln) were earmarked for the scheme to support remote teaching at schools. Out of these PLN 35 mln (EUR 7.83 mln), PLN 28 mln (EUR 6.26 mln) is an EU contribution, over PLN 5.2 mln (EUR 1.16 mln) originate from the budget of the Mazowsze province and over PLN 1.7 mln (EUR 380,000) from the state budget.

“As a result, we are able to equip 236 workrooms at primary and high schools in our province. The unitary value of such equipment amounts to PLN 200,000 [EUR 44,734],” the marshal said, adding that neither municipalities nor districts would suffer any expenses within the framework of the scheme and that the purchase of the equipment rested on the shoulders of the Mazowsze Marshal Office.

Out of the pool of PLN 35 mln (EUR 7.83 mln), around PLN 25.8 mln (EUR 5.77 mln) will be used to equip schools and education centres with IT gear dedicated to conducting lessons, PLN 5.2 mln (EUR 1.16 mln) will be spent on computer software, PLN 680,000 (EUR 152,097) on workshops for around 800 teachers and 2,000 pupils.

Alongside Friday’s signing of documents regarding the provision of computer equipment, an additional PLN 996,000-worth (EUR 222,835) agreement on the prevention of spine disorders for primary school pupils from several municipalities was signed. Mr Struzik stressed that out of the total sum, PLN 857,000 (EUR 191,687) were from EU funds.

The execution of the spine disorder prevention scheme is planned for 2020-2023 with as many as 290 primary school pupils to benefit from the programme.