President files draft amendments to education law empowering parents

Photo: PAP/Andrzej Lange

President Andrzej Duda has announced that he is sending draft amendments to the education law to the Lower House. Under this overhaul, the activity of every organisation and association at school must be approved not only by its principals but, above all, by parents.

"It is high time for our legal system, and in tune with the expectations of parents, to finally include the right of parents to bring up their children in accordance with their own beliefs," the president said.

Referring to homeschooling, the president expressed his conviction that it should be ensured by law. He stated that it had recently taken place in nearly all Polish homes, and that it had passed the test.

"I believe that parents should be granted legally the possibility to homeschool," he said, recalling that an MP draft to this effect had already been filed with the Sejm.

The president also expressed his hope that both drafts, namely, his amendments to the education law and a homeschooling bill "will be reviewed by parliament, as soon as possible, and will be included in our legal system."