Minister of Culture competition: Scholarships grants total EUR 1.45 mln

The Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Piotr Gliński has chosen the successful entrants to the competition for creative scholarships and scholarships for the dissemination of culture for the second half of 2020.

The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage website stated that "the scholarship competitions from the Minister's budget are very popular”. There were 804 applications submitted for the most recent edition of the competition. In the three preceding editions an average of 433 applications were submitted.

"The scholarship program budget has also been increased by PLN 5 million, which resulted in the awarding of 323 scholarships for a total of PLN 6,520,500". - the ministry informed.

The scholarships concern the realisation of creative undertakings or the promotion of culture, including: preparing a series of paintings, photographs, sculptures, creating artistic projects using film or computer techniques, conducting ceramic workshops, developing materials for monographs, designing websites or creating film scripts.

Creative scholarships and scholarships for the promotion of Polish culture have been granted on the basis of the Ordinance of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage since 2013.