Poland’s presidential election: official results released

The National Electoral Commission (PKW) has released the final and official result of the 2020 Polish presidential election. Incumbent president Andrzej Duda won 10,440,648 votes, to Rafał Trzaskowski’s 10,018,263 votes, translating into 51.03% for Duda and 48.97% for Trzaskowski.

The turnout was determined to be 68.18%, which means that the turnout record from 1995 (68.23%) was not beaten after all.

The Head of PKW, Sylwester Marciniak, thanked citizens for taking parting in the voting process, saying “we thank the millions of voters who, despite the pandemic and the holiday period, went to the polling stations and sent election packages and thus set the turnout record for a presidential election in the 21st century.

The announcement of the official results by PKW marks the beginning of the 3-day period during which electoral protests can be directed to PKW.