History is puzzle we have to put together: historian

In an interview for PolandIN, Anna Brojer, the Institute's education specialist, explains how the course can change the way people perceive totalitarianism in Europe - especially with respect to communism, the popular image of which is often distorted in Western European countries.

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Poland's 20th-century history was marked by years of resistance against totalitarian rule. In order to help global audiences understand how Poles stood their ground against the German Nazis during the war and how they were forced to endure decades of Soviet dominance and communist rule in the post-war era, a major Polish research centre - the Witold Pilecki Institute - is preparing a special course for English-speaking teachers and educators.

Ms Brojer also explains why the life story of Witold Pilecki himself perfectly encapsulates Poland's tragic experience of 20th-century totalitarian regimes.