More participants allowed to enter sports, artistic events from July 21

New regulations for sports, artistic and entertainment events concerning the increase in the number of attendees and opening indoor sports venues to the public will apply from July 21, according to the governmental draft decree revealed on Friday.

Large outdoor events re-allowed in Poland

As of Friday, outdoor events gathering more than 150 people are allowed again in Poland provided that the participants follow the rules of social...

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According to the new provisions, the social distance will be shortened from 2 to 1.5 metres. The obligation of taking every second seat at cinemas and artistic events is to be lifted as well, maintaining the obligation to cover noses and mouths.

In the case of outdoor events, such as expos, conferences and exhibitions, the required distance has been shortened to one participant per 2.5 square metres.

In open or semi-open stadiums, as well as in the sports centres, the participants will now be able to take up to 50 percent of seats. Previously, the spectators were not allowed to watch indoor sports events.

The draft project envisages that no more than 300 participants will be allowed to compete in sports events, excluding golf courses, tennis courts, stables, studs and horse racing tracks and other venues which are not subject to the maximum number of people rule. The limit does not include people responsible for the event service.

It was also decided to lift the limit on the number of attendees at swimming pools.

The regulations will enter into force from July 21, with the exception of certain provisions that will apply from August 4.