Speedway: high victory observed from elevation

Some fans of speedway, who could not buy tickets for a match featuring Motor Lublin and MrGarden GKM Grudziądz, did not give up and decided to rent special platforms on cranes to be able to watch the game.

More participants allowed to enter sports, artistic events from July 21

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A total of 18 cranes were placed outside the stadium in Lublin, eastern Poland, from which fans were able to watch the races.

Motor Lublin defeated MrGarden GKM Grudziądz 58:32 in the match.

This is not the first such situation during the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic in Poland. In June, when fans were not allowed in stadiums at all, a Śląsk Wrocław fan rented a crane to see an away game of his team against Wisła Płock.

Currently, as much as 25 percent of a stadium's capacity can be filled by fans. The newest ordinance which will come into force on Tuesday, July 21, increases this limit to 50 percent.