Ruling coalition party proposes resolution supporting gov’t in budget negotiations

Solidary Poland, one of the parties creating the ruling United Right alliance has proposed the adoption of the resolution firmly advocating activities taken in defence of the rule of law by the Polish government, the grouping’s leader, Justice Minister and General Prosecutor Zbigniew Ziobro announced on Monday.

At Monday's press conference, Mr Ziobro said that the rule of law should not be linked with the allocation of funds under the new EU budget and grants from the COVID-19 recovery fund. The minister added that the resolution proposed by Solidary Poland was a form of “mandate” for the Polish government as regards the ongoing negotiations on the EU budget 2021-2027.

He argued that the phrase "rule of law" used by the EU accounts for completely different systemic realities in the European Union and in Poland.

"The largest EU member states and the European Commission decided that, in a manner completely beyond the treaty’s arrangements and contrary to the rule of law, they would adopt new rules for spending European money, which would give the European Commission a huge, arbitrary, objectively immeasurable power to block payments of billions of euros to countries in which, in the opinion of the EC, the rule of law are violated”, said Mr Ziobro.

The Justice Minister went on saying that the aspect of the rule of law according to the EU bodies is used "unilaterally and biased" and used as part of the political dispute and attacks on Poland.

Also present at the meeting, Deputy Justice Minister Sebastian Kaleta recalled that so far, the country has proven on several occasions that the EC was unable to point out where the infringements of the law provisions have occurred as regards recent reforms of the National Judiciary Council and the Supreme Court.