Andrzej Bargiel tests positive for COVID-19

Andrzej Bargiel, a Polish climber and skier who became the first man ever to climb the K2 mountain and ski down from it tested positive for COVID-19.

The 30-year-old Pole has no symptoms typical for the course of the disease, apart from the loss of smell. So far, the climber feels good and, as he wrote on his Facebook profile, will stay at home and “slow down” for now.

In an interview for, Andrzej Bargiel stated the diagnosis of coronavirus thwarted his plans to climb in Chamonix, the Alps.

“The coronavirus proved to be stronger and stopped all of the plans, but I hope not for long. I try to think positive and what consoles me is the thought that yes, I have a virus now, but I’m not suffering and after some time I should build up resistance to it”, the climber said.

Among other significant accolades, Andrzej Bargiel was the first person ever to climb and ski down Broad Peak (2015). He also won the prestigious Snow Leopard award, having ascended all five required peaks in the record time of 29 days 17 hours and 5 minutes.

In February 2019, the Pole was named the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year.