New audio guides re-imagine places from the Warsaw Rising

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute (IAM) together with the Warsaw Rising Museum (MPW) organised a walk around several Warsaw Rising sites with a new series of audio guides called “Unseen Soundwalks: the Warsaw Rising ‘44.”

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On the occasion of the upcoming 76th anniversary of the Warsaw Rising, the IAM's website has prepared a series of ten immersive audio guides, in Polish and English, devoted to the most important events of that period.

“Unseen Soundwalks” is a series of guides that use geo-location technology to describe the history of places which have disappeared from the map of the Polish capital. Through an audio guide, each episode introduces the site to the listeners, tells a story about the place, and tells them where to stand and what to look for. In this way, they get to hear stories about the fierce battle against the Nazi German occupiers in the very same places where they happened.

“This is the second cycle from the ‘Unseen Soundwalks: the Warsaw Rising ‘44’ series, prepared by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute,” Monika Grochowska, the deputy director of IAM, told the Polish Press Agency.

She added that the aim of the guides was to talk about the places that were important in Warsaw, but which no longer existed. “It is known that the history of the Rising is quite an important part of the history of Warsaw,” she stated.

“The goal of the work of IAM is to tell the story about Polish culture and its contexts, including history, to foreigners,” she said. “They can do this now by walking around the city, but they can also discover the history of Warsaw while sitting on a couch and listening to podcasts about the Warsaw Rising,” she pointed out.

Ms Grochowska noted that the second series of sound-walks was created in cooperation with the Museum.

“Together with the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the Warsaw Rising Museum has prepared ten podcasts in English, a kind of walk for foreigners around Warsaw, which tell about the ten most important places related to the Warsaw Rising,” Paweł Ukielski, a deputy director of MPW said.

This is the second cycle of the “Unseen Soundwalks” series prepared by the “After the first cycle, a walk around Defilad Square, in the heart of the city, the time has come to present the most important stories from occupied Warsaw,” says the IAM website.

Ms Grochowska announced that a third “Unseen Soundwalks” series is being planned, which will concern Jewish themes in Warsaw.

The “Soundwalks” will be supplemented by special films prepared by the MPW, using contemporary and archival photos, as well as the soundtrack from the “Warsaw Rising” film.