Cash needed to change the energy sector in Poland: expert

Forming an energy group around Orlen will provide cash for energy transformation, which is lacking in other state run energy companies, Marcin Roszkowski, Chairman of the Jagiellonian Institute told PolandIN.

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The energy consolidation plans, which have dominated the news in Poland over the last week - Orlen’s go-ahead to take over Lotos and start a bid for Polish Oil and Gas (PGNiG) after buying Energa- will help bring in necessary changes to the energy market, Marcin Roszkowski, who also heads up Biznesalert energy website said during the interview with PolandIN.

Investments in offshore wind energy, solar power and hydrogen technology all require cash, which is lacking in other major state-run companies in the Polish energy sector.

“PGE, Tauron Energa, ENEA have difficulty doing the necessary investment they require. They can do the ones they want but not all the "necessary" investments that need to be in their portfolio in the next 5, 10, 15 years.” Mr Roszkowski said.

Cash is needed, the merger can be beneficial in the energy sector for energy transformation because looking at the condition of other Polish utilities and energy companies, most of them are controlled by the state and most of them like PGE, Tauron Energa, ENEA have difficulty making the necessary investment they require.