Poles' consumer debts increased by over PLN 1.2 bn due to pandemic

The consumer debt of Poles increased by over PLN 1.2 bn (EUR 279.3 mln) to PLN 81 bn (EUR 18.4 bn) during April and May due to unpaid bills and loan instalments, according to the InfoDług survey.

As indicated by the authors of the InfoDług survey, prepared on the basis of data from the Debtor Register BIG InfoMonitor and the Office of Credit Information (BIK), in April and May the first financial consequences of the pandemic were recorded. There were 30.5 thousand new unreliable debtors, and the increase is visible in all voivodeships and across all age groups. To the greatest extent, the debt accumulated in Podkarpackie and Małopolskie provinces and in the group of people over 64 years old. At the end of May, 2,864,080 people were behind with their payments.

The data presented in InfoDług include payments of at least PLN 200 delayed by at least 30 days, problems with servicing credit instalments are reported from the BIK database, and unpaid current accounts from the BIG InfoMonitor Debtor Register. Experts pointed out that due to the delay with which creditors enter information on debts into the BIG Register, problems resulting from the lockdown will be visible there in the following months. On the other hand, the delays in loan installments monitored by BIK are visible immediately, and they determined that during April and May the arrears of Poles grew by PLN 1.21 bn (EUR 279.3 mln).

A survey commissioned by the Debtor Register BIG InfoMonitor at the end of April showed that almost every third Pole lost at least a part of their income due to the lockdown, and 5 percent reported that they did not earn anything at all in that period. According to the latest data, the pandemic worsened the situation of households in terms of "coping with everyday expenses," such problems were declared by 52 percent of respondents. Savings have also suffered - 47 percent respondents declared their savings to be either "melting" or that they have "no conditions to put any money aside".

The record in terms of the number of unreliable debtors per 1 thousand adult inhabitants belongs to Lubuskie Province (119 people). The second is Zachodniopomorskie Province (118), and the third is Lower Silesia, where there are 116 unreliable debtors per 1000 adult inhabitants. In turn, the smallest number of people with outstanding liabilities is in Podkarpacie (51).