ElectroMobility Poland presents prototype of new electric car

A new Polish electric car Izera was officially presented on Tuesday, while its manufacturer, ElectroMobility Poland announced that serial production of the vehicle is to be launched in 2023.

During the presentation, the name, logo and two prototypes: a white SUV and red hatchback were introduced to the audience. According to the head of ElectroMobility Poland Piotr Zaremba, the car’s name was inspired by the Izerskie Mountains and the river Izera.

The vehicle is to be a roomy car with two battery capacity options available, accelerating from 0 to 60 mph (97 kilometres per hour) in less than eight seconds. Its nominal range is to be 250 miles (400 kilometres) on a single charge, and with a quick charge, lasting half an hour, it will be possible to refill 80 percent of the battery.

The design of Izera was created by a team of Polish engineers and stylists in cooperation with renowned overseas specialists, including Torino Design - a private, independent Italian studio which works with European and global brands. The project consultant was Tadeusz Jelec, a longtime Jaguar designer.

A reasonably priced car

Piotr Zaremba stressed that the aim of his company was to create a reasonably priced car, available for purchase to an average Pole. The vehicle is to be sold in instalments, with both the car’s price and energy included in the monthly payment. This makes Izera cheaper than its internal combustion counterparts from the same segment.

ElectroMobility Poland announced that the prototype’s construction had so far cost around PLN 30 mln (EUR 6.8 mln), while the cost of launching mass production will amount to PLN 4-5 bn (EUR 909.4 mln - 1.137 bn).

Director for technical development of the product Łukasz Maliczenko said that the production of Izera would be launched in the third quarter of 2023. Earlier - at the turn of the second and third quarter of 2021, a factory and a production line are to be built, most likely in the southern Silesia region.

Małgorzata Królak, the director of the ElectroMobility Poland project office, stressed that Izera was “a great opportunity for the Polish economy”. She pointed out that the automotive industry is the second largest industrial sector in the country and generates 8 percent of the national GDP.

“Moreover, Poland is the largest country in Europe that does not have its own car brand”, Ms Królak pointed out.

The production of the vehicle will initially create approximately 3,500 jobs, and many more are envisaged in the subsequent stages of manufacturing.