Speedway: Majority of Grand Prix series to be staged in Poland

On Wednesday, the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) announced the revised calendars of the 2020 team (Speedway of Nations) and individual (Grand Prix) speedway world championships. The majority rounds comprising the latter are set to take place in Poland.

The Grand Prix series will comprise eight events organised over four weekends. Riders are due to start their World Champion title quest in Wrocław (August 28-29), from where they will travel to Gorzów Wielkopolski (September 11-12). Then, the fifth and sixth round are scheduled for September 18-19 in Prague, at the moment the only location outside Poland. The series is to conclude in Toruń (October 3), while one more round on October 2 awaits confirmation.

Poland will be represented by three athletes: Bartosz Zmarzlik, the current World Champion, Maciej Janowski and Patryk Dudek.

Both series were halted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. While arranging the schedule, FIM, along with the Grand Prix organisers BSI, took into account the current epidemiological situation in Poland and the Czech Republic, where restrictions on the number of spectators at sports events have recently been loosened. In that way, they wanted to ensure that the series would not be staged behind closed doors, which, in turn, would generate heavy losses. Furthermore, Poland is so far the only country in which the professional competition is in full swing.

In turn, the Speedway of Nations final berths were granted on the basis of last year’s results. However, the German team withdrew from the competition which saw the Czech Republic taking their spots. They joined Russia (2019 champion), Poland (2019 runner-up), the Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Australia.

The final will take place in Manchester on October 24-25.