Over half of Poles not planning vacation trips: survey

Fifty-eight percent of Poles are not planning to take vacation trips, while 32 percent plan to spend their holidays in Poland, according to Wednesday's report on consumer sentiment prepared by the Polish Development Fund (PFR) and the Polish Economic Institute (PIE).

The PFR and PIE report also said that only 6 percent of Poles planned holidays abroad, whereas 4 percent anticipated both a domestic and foreign trip.

According to the study, three-quarters of Poles positively assessed the situation of their household, while 54 percent declared that the pandemic did not change the financial situation of their domestic budgets.

Another 58 percent of the respondents considered it unlikely that any money could be set aside during the next quarter, and the same percentage were not planning any holiday trips.

The research shows that Poles' spending on basic needs is growing. Fifty percent of those polled declared an increase in spending on food, and 44 percent pointed to higher costs associated with maintaining a home.