Poland records second-lowest unemployment rate in EU in June

June’s unemployment rate in Poland reached 3 percent, while the EU average was 7.1 percent, according to data gathered by Eurostat.

The report revealed that similar to the situation in May, only the Czech Republic recorded lower figures - 2.4 percent.

Across the EU, 7.1 percent people were unemployed, which accounts for over 15 million people, whilst in the Eurozone the figure stood at 7.8 percent. According to Eurostat, unemployment in the EU increased slightly in June compared to May - by 0.1 pct point.

Eurostat data for June showed that the worst situation in this field was recorded in Spain, where 15.6 percent of people were without jobs.

In turn, according to the Statistics Poland data, unemployment in June stood 6.1 percent of the workforce. Tier data is gathered on the basis of the number of people registered, as seeking work, while the Eurostat data is based on a survey of people aged between 15-74.