Egypt lists Poland as preferential country for exports: ministry

The Egyptian authorities have included Poland on the so-called List of Reference Countries, which guarantees easier access to the Egyptian market for Polish products such as powdered milk, Poland's Ministry of Development has announced.

The ministry stated in a Thursday press release that, to date, Polish exporters interested in the Egyptian market have had to tackle burdensome procedures, which has had a major impact on the possibility of selling Polish products to Egypt.

"Thanks to the ministry of development's efforts in cooperation with the European Commission, the EC representative in Egypt and the Polish diplomatic mission, Polish exporters will no longer have to deal with the burdensome procedures testifying to the safety of products and the need to gain additional free-sale certificates, product sample tests or inspections of production facilities," the release read.

The ministry said the Egyptian authorities had recognised that harmonised safety procedures and the sanitary requirements of Polish products for consumers are guaranteed by the EU single market.

The ministry indicated that Egypt is an important non-EU trade partner for Poland in the southern Mediterranean. In 2019, Poland exported goods to that country which had a value of EUR 427.6 mln against imports of EUR 176.6 mln, giving Poland a positive trade balance of EUR 251 mln.

Powdered milk for toddlers, of which Poland exported about EUR 231 mln-worth last year, has been virtually unavailable for purchase in Egypt in recent times. The lifting of restrictions opens the way to the sale of such goods on the Egyptian market, the ministry noted.