EUR 2.5 bn more on healthcare in Poland next year: report

Overall spending on Poland's National Health Fund (NFZ) will reach PLN 102 bn (EUR 23 bn) in 2021, up by over PLN 11 bln (EUR 2.5 bln) compared to this year, “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” daily reported citing a draft NFZ budget.

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The NFZ funds will be boosted next year by an additional PLN 8.9 bn (EUR 2 bn) from the state budget, according to the daily.

NFZ's budget draft for 2021 envisages that specialist clinics and family doctors will receive a bigger portion of funds than this year. Spending on hospitals is also planned to be increased, albeit the least, with PLN 52.3 bn (EUR 11.84 bn) allocated for their health services as compared with PLN 46.7 bn (EUR 10.57 bn) planned for this year.

The daily emphasises that it quotes only a draft that still can be modified. It was created based on the macroeconomic indicators from May, while those from June are not as optimistic as those earlier.

“The financial plan for 2021 was based on real indicators. There will be no negotiations about how the extra funds from the state budget will be spent on healthcare,” Adam Niedzielski, the head of NFZ said.

Janusz Cieszyński, a deputy Health Minister, added that healthcare will not be harmed by any kind of decrease of macroeconomic indicators. “Funds for the treating patients are secured,” he said.