Attempt on National Prosecutor’s life foiled

The prosecutor’s office uncovered a plan for an attempt on the life of Bogdan Święczkowski, the National Prosecutor. An indictment against two men has already been issued.

According to the news website of the Polish national broadcaster TVP, the suspects are serious criminals who had already been convicted of murders. The investigation suggests that the motive could have been revenge and the fear that Mr Święczkowski might sentence one of them to a lifetime behind bars.

The plans for the assassination were detected during an investigation concerning corruption in one of the prisons in Opole, southern Poland. In return for bribes, a man was supplying supplements, exercise accessories, and other products. According to the investigation, Bogdan G. (all names withheld under the Polish privacy law), encouraged by his cellmate Grzegorz P. undertook to organise an attempt on the life of Mr Święczkowski and his family.

While imprisoned, Bogdan G., tasked his acquaintance outside the prison with supplying a gun with a silencer and ammunition to a person suggested by Grzegorz P.

According to unofficial reports, Mr Święczkowski received personal protection after the plot was revealed.