We have no right to judge decision about Warsaw Rising without context: PM

I pay my respects to each fallen member of the Warsaw Rising, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told “Sieci” weekly.

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In his opinion, when discussing the Warsaw Rising it would be best to give the floor to those who fought in the insurrection.

“After reading dozens of their memoirs and discussions with the insurgents, which I have had over my life, I think the floor should be theirs,” he stressed.

“We have no right to judge the decision of those generations in separation from the political and historic situation they were,” Mr Morawiecki said.

“The vast majority of those witnesses said one thing: we saw Germans who were preparing to leave and we wanted to liberate Warsaw before the Soviets entered the city. Disregarding this context is unhistorical. Many critical opinions go too far, they are harmful, mocking. I call for a stop to it, out of respect for our grand and great-grandparents who spilled blood for freedom in August and September 1944,” the Polish PM said.

He said that the anniversary of the Warsaw Rising, the Battle of Warsaw (August 15), and the outbreak of WWII (September 1) are very important for Poles.

“Patriotism has to be aroused especially amongst the youngest generations, our government does a lot to promote it,” the PM stressed.

“We have to build modern patriotism, based on tradition, the values of the First and Second Republic of Poland, but which also includes a bold vision and is capable of finding new solutions. The race of civilisations still goes on, we have to catch up and outrun others, contributing to the creation of a better world,” the Polish PM emphasised.