Results of primary school finals are out, maths takes toll

Pupils who took their final primary school exams in June received an average score of 59 percent in the Polish language test and an average of 49 percent in mathematics, the Central Examination Commission stated on Friday.

The average score of pupils in the English language exam, which was the most often declared foreign language, amounted to 54 percent, in German 45 percent, Russian 48 percent, French 72 percent, Spanish 66 percent and Italian 57 percent.

Individual results of the final exams were also made available. The primary school leaving certificate will be delivered to pupils as particular head teachers find befitting.

Individual subject results are taken into consideration during the recruitment process for second-tier schools.

Due to the pandemic, primary school finals were not carried out in April as they are usually but were postponed to June. An additional round of exams was carried out at the beginning of July.