Gov’t considers reintroducing quarantine for people returning to Poland

"At the moment, the government has not yet recommended the reintroduction of compulsory quarantine for people returning to Poland from abroad, but this option is being considered," said the government’s spokesman Piotr Müller on Friday.

In recent days, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Poland has spiked, which resulted in the government crisis management team meeting in Warsaw.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry is constantly updating the list of the countries with the highest risk of getting infected. However, there are currently no quarantine restrictions for those returning from the listed countries, but we are aware that the situation may get worse there,” the spokesman said.

Regional approach to COVID-19

Referring to the possibility of imposing new restrictions in Poland, Mr Muller said that at the moment, the government “is not inclined to introduce new limitations at the national level”, and the crisis management team opts for implementing solutions aimed at curbing the pandemic in individual poviats and regions.

Piotr Müller reported that the latest situation in Poland and the outbreaks of the new infections were summarised during the meeting.

At the moment, there are 20 districts, out of nearly 400 in the whole country, in which a big rise in the number of infections has been observed.

“The crisis management team adopted possible variants regarding regional approaches to COVID-19 restrictions that may be applied in the future,” the spokesman said.

Mr Muller also said that guidelines for selected educational establishments in the places particularly affected by coronavirus would be issued if needs be.

Social distance in shops advised

Piotr Müller appealed to shop and restaurant owners and managers to remind customers of the restrictions in force.

“State authorities will monitor and check if safety limits and regulations are abided by, in particular in closed spaces, he said, adding that such activities would be undertaken, for example, in shops, restaurants and cinemas.

In connection with the ongoing commemorations of the 76th anniversary of the Warsaw Rising Mr Muller stated the government urges people to keep the recommended social distance or wear a mask during the events.

“In the case of the participation of older people, it is necessary to consider whether such people should expose themselves to the potential threat”, he said.

On Friday, the Health Ministry announced 657 new confirmed COVID-19 infections in Poland, increasing the total number of cases recorded in the country to 45,689 including 9,985 still active.